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Cooking Corner

I was amazed at how much of cooking was simple. Simple, 101-level stuff that they somehow forgot to tell us in school…but that an intelligent 10-year-old could do.

And once I started learning all these simple things, I could do anything!

  • I can look at a recipe (because Pinterest has a million recipes…that’s a conservative estimate), and know whether it will work or not.
  • I can look at a bread recipe and make adjustments before you even start.
  • I can make pasta. (It is BEYOND easy. You don’t even need a bowl…you can literally mix it on the counter if you want).
  • Oh, and I now eat delicious food. Better than I’ll ever find in a store or restaurant. Trust me.
  • When I do eat out, I pick better things on the menu because food is now an adventure of tastes and methods.

Why visit here? After all, there are master chefs out there who can explain bread and know more about the complex history behind bread than anyone. True. But if you’re anything like me, while the history of grain since the beginning of time is interesting, it isn’t going to affect the loaf of bread in front of me.

What is going to affect the loaf of bread is knowing the following: you really only need 4 ingredients to make bread. Everything else is optional.

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