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Cooking 201:

What Went Wrong & Advanced Tips/Tricks

Cooking and baking can be complicated. Some recipes are simple. And other times, something goes wrong. The bread doesn’t rise. The cake falls flat. The chocolate scorches. The sauce your were making starts separating (yes, that’s happened to me…it turned out there was too much fat). Here’s how to identify “what went wrong” and how to fix it.

Note that I just started this section of the website. If you are visiting, please forgive the current lack of extensive content. It’s constantly growing, so check back soon!

How to Develop a Recipe (or Improve One):

Ever wondering how to improve a recipe that isn’t just quite right? Or develop your own recipe? A step-by-step guide to develop a recipe (or improve one).

I’ve learned a lot over more than two years of cooking. I started out barely able to make anything edible that didn’t come out of a box. A reader requested I share a little bit of what I’ve learned on how I develop a recipe. The same advice for improving any recipe you already like…but isn’t quite perfect.

How to Develop a Recipe (or Improve One)


I included “Breads” in the Cooking 201 section for a couple of reasons:
1) It does generally take a few batches to get that “perfect” texture.
2) It scares people! Plus the posts for each of these include lots of step-by-step pictures and instructions.