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Health, Food, & Exercise

This page is dedicated to all health printables! When it comes to physical health, food tracking and fitness are important. A dose of motivation doesn’t hurt. So here is an entire page dedicated to food tracking, exercise, and motivation. But mental health is important too. So I’ve also got mood journals/mood charts. (More in the mental health section coming soon!)

There’s quite a bit of content on this page. It’s organized in the following order, so just scroll down to whatever you’re looking for. 
• Resolution & habit trackers
• Food Journals
• 30-day exercise challenge
• Monthly exercise trackers
• Workout Logs: 3 Designs
• Mood Trackers

This page is constantly growing, so check back often for new content!

• Print options: regular paper works.
• All of the files are in pdf below. Or click on the image. It will open in a new window and you can either print directly or save to computer.
• The default size of these is full-page. However, if you want smaller, simply reduce the print size! If you’re looking on how to resize printables, check out my post: “How to Resize Printables to Fit Your Planner.

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Resolution & Habit Trackers

Food Journals

Weekly food journal in multi-color.

If you’re looking for colorful & cute, this is the one for you. In addition to food tracking, there is water on each day, a spot of exercise, a place to write down weekly stats, and a spot for a motivational quote.

Food Journal1_pdf

Weekly food journal with room for exercise in rainbow colors.

This is a little more organized. There are spots for each meals plus snacks. A small area to track exercise, and room for daily calorie total. The side area includes a stats area and a spot to write your weekly goal.

Food Journal2_pdf

Weekly food journal, 3 columns in bright colors.

The area for tracking calories is a bit smaller, but there is extra room for tracking exercise. There is also a decent size stats/misc. area in case you’re making additional notes. I often note weight, measurements, or specific food goals (such as veggie servings or whole grains) in the last column. There is space at the top for making a weekly goal as well as writing a motivational quote.

Food Journal3_pdf

Weekly food journal in 3 columns. Black & white.

The same as the journal next to this, except in mostly black and white. If you only have a black/white printer, this journal will work. The pink heavy line will simply print as a heavier black.

Food Journal4_pdf

Food journal, 1/2 page large. Total of 4 pages for week, including week end summary.
Food journal, 1/2 page large. Total of 4 pages for week, including week end summary.

This journal is actually 4 pages long, don’t get confused by the two images above. The first image (it has two day’s worth of tracking) has extended room for tracking meals and snacks. If you’re being very specific, this is a good journal. It also has more room for writing. There is also room to track food, water, and exercise. The second image is the end of week. It includes the day 7 food journal as well as a summary section. I really, really like this aspect of the journal. You can glance at week start and end, what you did well, and what you want to work on next week.

All four pages are included in this pdf: Food Journal5_pdf
(If you’re printing from the images, print the first image 3 times, the last image once)

This is an older design, but I still kind of like it. So I decided to keep it.

Weekly Food Diary3_pdf

Horizontal/landscape food journal in bright colors. Room for fruit/veggies and water tracking.

This food journal is horizontal. Along with normal food tracking, there are 5 fruits/veggies to cross out each day along with 8 glasses of water! Very easy to keep track this way.

Food Journal6_pdf

Monthly Fitness Trackers:

Free Printable Fitness Trackers. 3 different monthly designs- for cardio and strength. Track and reach your fitness goals.

This is probably my favorite of the batch as it allows for detailed tracking for both strength and cardio.

Exercise Tracker_monthly3_pdf

Free Printable Fitness Trackers. 3 different monthly designs- for cardio and strength. Track and reach your fitness goals.

Very simple design, but big blocks for each day allow plenty of room to write. In addition, the week 1-4 format is easier than a regular calendar if you’re planning a regular schedule (such as monday-wednesday-friday) for certain exercises.

Exercise Tracker_monthly2_pdf

Free Printable Fitness Trackers. 3 different monthly designs- for cardio and strength. Track and reach your fitness goals.

Landscape design if that works better for you. There is also space to set goals, track monthly stats, pick a motivational quote, and choose a reward for the month!

Exercise Tracker_monthly1_pdf

Workout Logs

Free printable workout log. Use as weekly or monthly workout tracker. #free #freeprintable #workout #workoutlog #workoutjournal #workouttracker

Workout Log1 <<<<Click there to download

There are two ways you can use this. As a weekly printable workout journal or as a monthly workout journal. I prefer it as a monthly.
To use as weekly workout log:
• For weight, track on the days you desire. There are four spots.
• For strength, simply assume each set is ‘1’ and track different reps and weights in each column. For example: Bicep curls- 1 set of 10 with 10 lbs. 1 set of 10 with 15 lbs. and 1 set of 10 with 10 lbs. This would all be during one workout.
• For cardio, you can do intervals or simply just use a single column.

To use as monthly workout log:
• For weight, track at the beginning or the end of the week.
• For strength, assume each column set (the set of sets/reps/weight) is a different workout. For example, for bicep curls: week one, in column one, I would do 3 sets of 10 with 10 lbs. During week two, in column two, I would do 3 sets of 10 with 15 lbs. There are enough lines that I can fit my three workout days (legs & abs, biceps & back, triceps & chest) all on the same log.
• For cardio, assume each set of column is a different workout week. If you do multiple workouts in one week, use the rows to track.

Free printable weekly workout log. Workout journal. #free #freeprintable #workout #workoutlog #workoutjournal #workouttracker

Workout Log2 <<<<Click there to download

This weekly workout log is divided into three strength training sections: core, upper body, and lower body. There is a section for tracking three different sets for each exercise.
There are also four rows for tracking cardio.
In addition, you can track your weight, sleep, calories, and water intake.

Free printable workout log. Track 3 workouts. #free #freeprintable #workout #workoutlog #workoutjournal #workouttracker

Workout Log3 <<<<Click there to download

Tracks three different workout sessions. It has a spot for cardio if you’re someone who does cardio along with your strength workouts. (I’m looking at you, Jen, if you’re reading this!). There is room for 4 different sets on this one.

Mood Trackers

Free printable yearly mood tracker. Track your mood by number.

This is a mood tracker for an entire year. Main moods are pre-numbered, but there are numbered spots for you to add some of your own. Pick the dominant mood of the day and enter into the appropriate box.

Mood Tracker1_pdf  <<<Click on pdf to download the chart.

Free printable yearly mood tracker. Track your mood by color.

This is a mood tracker for an entire year. In the little boxes before the mood, scribble in the color of your choice. Then color the dominant mood of the day into the appropriate day box. I made this one because sometimes it’s easier to see trends with colors instead of just a jumble of numbers.

Mood Tracker2_pdf  <<<Click on pdf to download the chart.

Free printable monthly mood tracker. Allows you to track multiple moods for complex emotional states.

This mood chart is for a single month. This is for those who are dealing with multiple emotions throughout the day and want to keep a more detailed log. There are bunch of pre-filled out moods and plenty of spots to add other moods (or other items you want to track). On this tracker, you’ll put a check mark for every mood you feel during the day. So you might have multiple checks for a single day.

Mood Tracker3_pdf  <<<Click on pdf to download the chart.

Free printable monthly mood tracker. Track from 1-10 and room to track what might have caused mood changes.

This is another monthly mood tracker. You rate your basic mood level and chart it throughout the month. In addition, there are spaces to write things that affect your mood during each particular day. Or activities/daily tasks so you can see if there is a pattern.

Mood Tracker4_pdf  <<<Click on pdf to download the chart.