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Or contact me directly at jennie {at}

Advertising/PR Friendly

If you have a product or item you think should be featured on “The Housewife Modern,” please contact me with further details. Rates are negotiable.

After reviewing the product, if we both feel the item is a good fit:
• I’ll design a blog post around said product or item. It will be unique, not just a generic “hey this product is great” post. In most cases, I will develop a free printable to work with the product/post. This will drive additional traffic and get readers engages!
• I’ll market the product/giveaway on all appropriate social media channels, including Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram.
• I’ll design an appropriate Pin and Facebook image, including a picture of item unless (of course) you have a preferred design you want me to use for marketing.

Benefits of working with me: 
• I have a DSLR, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Quality photos will be provided! I’ve been accepted by FoodGawker multiple times.
• I optimize for Pinterest. I include both a long-pin as well as their current recommended pin size.
• I’m on multiple group boards and in multiple Tailwind tribes. Marketing is a serious part of every post for me and is (of course) included.
• My e-mail list is currently at 11,000 and growth rate is approximately 750-1,000 per month. Paid posts will be featured in my newsletter!

Here is my media kit. It includes contact information:
Media Kit_pdf
I do NOT accept free products in return for reviews.

Guest Posting:

The Housewife Modern is here for helping the modern homemaker: juggling the many duties required and the time-crunch we’re all constantly dealing with.

If you’re interested in guest posting, please contact me using the form above.
Open to guest posts in the following areas:
• Recipes/Food posts
• Inspiration: everything from faith in today’s world, relationships, focus, and goal-setting.
• Free printables. As long as the printable provided is free, I’ll be happy to link to your shop (Etsy or otherwise).

I’ll also consider requests from other areas if you feel it fits in the “homemaking” niche.

General Guidelines: 
• Guest posts usually range from 500-1,000 words (length is flexible, though!).
• Post must include high-quality images, especially in the recipes/food section. For other areas- on a case by case basic- we can help with images. Unless you request otherwise, I will use the image to create shareable images with text for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media networks, according to the specifications of said channel. Do NOT include people in the images or I will need signed permission from said person to use the photo.
• You most definitely can include in-text links to other posts, blogs, resources, etc. Affiliate links are not permitted and will be removed.
• Posts will be proofread and edited as needed.  No major changes will be made without consulting you.
• Contributors are expected to share a preview of the post on their blog on publication day with an introductory paragraph (so Google doesn’t punish us for publishing the same article) and no more than the first 150 words, followed by a link to the full post on The Housewife Modern.

Hire Me

I have an extensive history in writing, including writing freelance for magazines, copywriting, blogging, devotionals, and specific projects for individual clients.

If you like my writing style, I’m for hire.

Services offered:
• Blog posts. I am very familiar with SEO and have access to paid keyword tools. All posts will include a compelling headline, blog post (can be conversational or technical in nature), sub-headings, etc. If needed, I can also provide images for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I can also upload the post to WordPress, including images (and all image alt-tags), if needed.
• Custom-designed printables.
• Article writing.