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I LOVE shopping for women. Myself. My mom. My grandma. My sisters-in-law. I don’t know why, but it seems like they’re just easier than men to shop for.

That being said…the women in my life are very different. And I want to get a gift for them that they appreciate. And shows that I’ve spent time thinking about them. Not that I just bought the first thing that I ran across. So over the years I’ve learned the best gifts for women. This post is dedicated to amazing gifts for women under $50.

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts for her, Christmas gifts for her, or just gift ideas for women, this is the post for you. The best part? Buys gifts online and save time!

~~~~~This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission which helps keep my blog up and running but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.~~~~~

A quick note: I tried to keep as many of these gifts as possible from Amazon, since I know a LOT of people shop there. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, did you know you can try it out for 30 days for free? <<<Just click there to get your 30-day free trial.

Personal Care

• Compact

We all need a mirror in our purse sometimes. But how about one that is a show-stopper all by itself?

Antique Looking Mirror/Compact
Peacock Mirror/Compact

• Lips


5 piece High Professional Shimmer
Shany 12-piece Lip Gloss Set
Measurable Difference Night Sparkle

If you’re looking for some pricier (fancier) options, check out:

Laura Mercier Lip Glace Collection
Anastasia Beverly Hills Set

• Lotion

• Nail Polish

Nail polish is a great gift if you know their style. Since we have a little bit of money (I also have a post for gifts under $20), I want with some pricier options.


Dior Diorific Limited Edition was my favorite.
Chanel Longwear was also a good bet.

• Bath

Bath stuff is a favorite with all the women I know! And since it’s cheap, it’s easy to put together a “gift basket”. Include Bath bombs, Bath loofahsBubble Bath, and/or Bath scrubs. Some of my favorite bath bombs:

Bath Bombs Gift Set of 8
Aprilis Bath Bombs

You can also buy pre-made bath sets (<<<click there to see them all), which might include more. My favorite?

Home Spa Gift Basket


• Ghirardelli

You can order direct from Ghirardelli or you can order from Amazon. There are very different options on each place.

For gifts under $50 from Ghirardelli direct, I suggest:
54-piece Chocolate Lover’s Assortment Box
36-piece Dark Chocolate Assortment Box
• Or click here to see all gifts under $50

From Amazon:

Deluxe Chocolate Tower <<<click there to see if it’s still available!

• Dipped Strawberries

Save 25% on Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries, only $29.98 by Shari’s Berries

Just click on the link above for the coupon. Or to see all the other fabulous options they have.

• Teas

I love this idea! It’s unique and works for almost everyone. I highly suggest Adiago teas>>>Gifts for lovers of tea with free wrapping of all items.

If you don’t know if they have the necessary implements, all you really need is a tea infuser.
• A folding option that fits most mugs is available >>>here direct from Adiago.
Stainless steel tea balls from Amazon. <<<Those are the ones I use in my household.

For the actual tea, I suggest:
Flavored loose-leaf from Adiago
Gifts from Adiago
Ultimate Tea Sampler from Amazon
Heavenly Tea Leaf Sampler from Amazon

• Coffees

This is for coffee lovers. I also suggest it only if they’re “open” about their coffee. I know a couple of people who will ONLY drink one thing. If that’s so, find out what their thing is. Otherwise, I highly suggest trying out Peet’s Gourmet Coffee. I have a coupon for them>>> 10% Off & Free Shipping on first order for new email subscribers

I also suggest samplers. Fun for them and sure to be at least one they’ll like!
Coffee Masters Around the World Sampler (ground)
Bean Box Gourmet Sampler (whole bean)

• Hot Cocoa

If they’re not a coffee or tea fan, we’re not out of drinks yet.

Amazon also has a few choices available, though most are kind of “cheap” (if you get my meaning). However, I found the following:
Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa
Land O Lakes Sampler in Black Tie Box

• Wines & Accessories

Wine is a pretty personal thing, but you can always try, especially if they love trying new wines.

I, personally, am a fan of fruit wines. Especially local ones.

Stella Rosa is also a very popular, reasonably priced wine.

Newbia 12 oz. Wine Tumbler– tons of designs
Copper Stemless Wine Glasses


PackIt Freezer Wine Bag
5 Wine Stoppers Gift

• Gift card from

Gift card from Spend $10 for a $25 Certificate at a local restaurant! <<<click there to check out.

A couple of caveats:
• The restaurants are more local, small-owned ones. So the pictures don’t look the best online. I would check out the full website for the restaurant (if they have one) to get a better idea.
• Limited by region. And not what you would think. I think the places around my mom’s little town in Iowa look better than the options around my big town of Charleston, SC!
• See if the gift certificate has any restrictions, such as hours or days of use. If so, go with a different gift. You don’t want the gift to be a hassle to use.


• Wall Art

Wall art is a great gift for any woman! Who doesn’t love cute decor stuff? Since everyone’s style is different, this was a hard one to pick an item for. But I found a couple of great choices.

Starry Night by Van Gogh
4-piece Elegant Flowers

• Candles

Candles are a fabulous gift for women! And there are a ton of options and scents out there, no matter what their style is. My absolute favorite is Yankee candles. But I’ve included a couple of different options below.

Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night Dream
2-Pack: Hot Apple Cider & Winter Pine

• Diffuser

Whether you’re looking for a single-use diffuser or something more long-lasting, this is a great gift.

Rose Cottage Lavender Diffuser
Diffuser for Essential Oils

• Personalized Picture, Framed

A meaningful picture, framed. To often we snap pics, store them online, and never have them around the house. This works for guys and gals. My father-in-law loves pictures of him and his Corvette framed. My mother-in-law (since we’re talking about gifts for women) loves pictures of the family.

For frames, I LOVE ArtToFrames and own some myself. They have some “distressed wood/paint” ones that look great, as well as other options.

Umbra Luna has this amazing piece that is a combination art and photo frames.


• Coloring

Since you have a little more in your budget, I would put together a coloring/stress-relief basket.

Coloring books for adults. Yes, seriously. I’ve discovered these are amazing stress-reliever. Favorite books: Stress-Relieving Animals and Kaleidoscope Images.
-If you know they already like to color, try these “Colorful Blessings Cards.” Out of the box and they probably don’t already own it!
– If they don’t already color, check out these Artlicious 50-pack Coloring Pencils or Crayola Classic 50-Pack for Adults.


• Book Poster

For the book lover in your life! For a bonus, include some of the books listed on the poster so they have a head start.

Scratch Off Book Poster

• Books

All the women in my life have very different reading styles. However, this book is good for any women.

Girl, Wash Your Face

• Journals

Journals are great, unique gift for women. There are a couple of ways to go. You can go with “plain” lined journals so they can write what they want. Or you can go with a guided journal since as a gratitude journal.

Link to all journals
Retro Tree Lined Writing Journal (refillable)
Genuine Leather Heart Journal


• Adjustable Measuring

These are my NUMBER ONE used item in my kitchen.

Adjustable Measuring Cup (2 Cups)
Adjustable Measuring Spoons

• Serving Platters

If the lady you are buying for likes to cook and serve, here are a couple of cute cooking platters.

Gibson Elite Casa Estebana Platter
3-Tier Serving Stand

• KitchenAid Tools

One thing I love about KitchenAid is that you always know you’re getting quality. While I don’t have the whisk yet, I do have the spatula. This is amazing. From regular stirring to scooping to whatever…this is a multi-purpose tool that I use throughout the cooking process.

KitchenAid Spatula– comes in black, red, & blue
KitchenAid Whisk
KitchenAid 17-piece set

• Magic Bullet

I have one of these and love it. From grinding peppermint for “Peppermint Muddy Buddies” to making “Homemade Blueberry Lemon Dressing,” it gets plenty of use.

Magic Bullet Blender Set


• Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift, but make sure you know the person’s style. Either that, or include a gift receipt. I included a few different options below.


Macy’s Rose Gold Crossover Bracelet
All fashion jewelry Macy’s under $50 <<<click there to see all options
All jewelry on Amazon under $50 <<<click there to see
Angel Wings Crystal Necklace

Amazing Gifts for Women Under $50. Gifts ideas for her. Whether for wife, mom, best friend, or sister, give her something she actually wants. #giftsforwomen #giftsforher #giftsunder50 #gifts
Amazing Gifts for Women Under $50. Gifts ideas for her. Whether for wife, mom, best friend, or sister, give her something she actually wants. #giftsforwomen #giftsforher #giftsunder50 #gifts