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I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. Well, since 7th grade. Looking at a calendar, that means I’ve been worried about my weight for over 2 decades. It sounds depressing when you put it like that.

Only recently, I had a mind-set switch. I’m worried about getting healthy. Not necessarily what the image in the mirror looks like. Maybe it’s getting older. Or wiser. Or just more tired. But whether your concern is health or image, food tracking is vital.

There are a lot of different reasons to use a food journal. Weight loss is one. Did you know one of the biggest factors when it comes to losing weight is tracking what you eat? Yep. Just tracking causes you to be more aware and naturally eat less. Another reason for a food diary is keeping track of water intake. Water intake is vital to not only weight loss, but to general health. For those with specific health concerns, tracking food is even more important.

I have SIX different food journals below! They come in horizontal and vertical. I have one that spans multiple pages in case you need more room for notes. I also have a grayscale one if you’re trying to save on the printer ink. Some include spots for stats, motivational quotes, and more.

And if you’re looking for something in particular, let me know. I’ll see what I can do! Some of my most popular printables have been reader requests.

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• Print options: regular paper works just fine, especially as you’ll be printing weekly! You can use card stock if you’re constantly moving it, though, or looking for something more durable.
• All of the files are in pdf below. Or click on the image. It will open in a new window and you can either print directly or save to computer.
• The default size of these is full-page. However, if you want a smaller size or to fit into a planner you already use, simply reduce the print size! If you’re looking on how to resize printables, check out my post: “How to Resize Printables to Fit Your Planner.

You can find more printables like this on the page dedicated to “Health & Motivation Printables.”

Weekly food journal in multi-color.

If you’re looking for colorful & cute, this is the one for you. In addition to food tracking, there is water on each day, a spot of exercise, a place to write down weekly stats, and a spot for a motivational quote.

Food Journal1_pdf

Weekly food journal with room for exercise in rainbow colors.

This is a little more organized. There are spots for each meals plus snacks. A small area to track exercise, and room for daily calorie total. The side area includes a stats area and a spot to write your weekly goal.

Food Journal2_pdf

Weekly food journal, 3 columns in bright colors.

The area for tracking calories is a bit smaller, but there is extra room for tracking exercise. There is also a decent size stats/misc. area in case you’re making additional notes. I often note weight, measurements, or specific food goals (such as veggie servings or whole grains) in the last column. There is space at the top for making a weekly goal as well as writing a motivational quote.

Food Journal3_pdf

Weekly food journal in 3 columns. Black & white.

The same as the journal above, except in mostly black and white. If you only have a black/white printer, this journal will work. The pink heavy line will simply print as a heavier black.

Food Journal4_pdf

Food journal, 1/2 page large. Total of 4 pages for week, including week end summary.
Food journal, 1/2 page large. Total of 4 pages for week, including week end summary.

This journal is actually 4 pages long, don’t get confused by the two images above. The first image (it has two day’s worth of tracking) has extended room for tracking meals and snacks. If you’re being very specific, this is a good journal. It also has more room for writing. There is also room to track food, water, and exercise. The second image is the end of week. It includes the day 7 food journal as well as a summary section. I really, really like this aspect of the journal. You can glance at week start and end, what you did well, and what you want to work on next week.

All four pages are included in this pdf: Food Journal5_pdf
(If you’re printing from the images, print the first image 3 times, the last image once)

Horizontal/landscape food journal in bright colors. Room for fruit/veggies and water tracking.

This food journal is horizontal. Along with normal food tracking, there are 5 fruits/veggies to cross out each day along with 8 glasses of water! Very easy to keep track this way.

Food Journal6_pdf

I hope you found something helpful above! As I said, if you need something in particular and didn’t see it, let me know. I might create it in the future just for you.

So join me today. Embrace health.

Pin image for free printable food journals.
Pin image for free printable food journals.